Past Simple and Past Continuous 1

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Past Simple and Past Continuous 1

Professor/a: Laura Cabanillas
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En esta Unidad Didáctica podrás aprender a utilizar el Past Simple y el Past Continuous


  • – Para qué situaciones se utiliza el Past Simple y el Past Continuous
  • – La diferencia entre verbos regulares e irregulares
  • – Cómo se forman oraciones:
      • – Afirmativas
      • – Negativas
      • – Interrogativas


En el video consta un listado de los verbos irregulares.

En la parte final de cada tema podrás encontrar un resumen para poder estudiarlo mejor.

Tienes también un cuestionario con muchas preguntas, todas de opción múltiple, para que puedas practicar los conocimientos aprendidos.


Welcome to your Past Simple

Martha ________ (stop) the car to take a picture

Last week we ______ (walk) to the cinema

I _________ (study) for the exam for three hours.

Add description here!

She _________ (study) for the exam for three hours.

Laura and Caroline _____ (be) happy to be home.

Adam _______ (be) disappointed she ___________ (miss) the party.

When I was young, we always ______(go) to Rome for the summer.

Daniel ______________ (not/work) last month.

_____ you ______ (wash) the dishes?

We _________ (met) them at the cinema.

_______ you _______ (find) your book?

Daniel _________ (visit) his mother last week.

Michael ________ (arrive) an hour ago.

John and I _________ (go) to Laura's birthday party yesterday.

I ________ (be) on holiday last week.

(you/dance)_________ at the party last night?

Elige la opción correcta para completar el espacio construyendo una pregunta:

(she/ do) _______ her homework?

(Robert/work) _______ at the post office?

(they/help) ________ you with the washing-up?

I phoned Jane last night

Escoge la opción correcta para que la oración sea negativa:

Martha became an actress.

Welcome to your Past Continuous

My parents __________ (work) when I came home.

In 2018, we ___________ (live) in a small flat in Rome.

She ________ (listen) to music when I called.

We left at 8 o'clock. It ________(rain) and the weather was awful.

He arrived when he _________ (wash) the dishes.

Did you see Daniela at the party? She ___________ (wear) a red dress.

She ______________ (play) football yesterday at 6 o'clock

Teniendo en cuenta que estamos con el past continuous, escoge la respuesta correcta:

She ____________ (play) football yesterday at 6 o'clock (negative)

We ______ (study) hard yesterday afternoon.

They _______ (watch) TV when I arrived.


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