Present Simple


Welcome to your Present Simple

She           pizza

They          Spanish

The train          at 9 am

He           Toni is crazy

Joana              8 hours a day

He                 his car every week

David            very easily

This girl always

My mother in law              in church every Sunday.

I sometimes        to work by car

Laura            in a hospital

Marta                    German

Caroline never                  television

They always          dinner at eight o'clock

Maria            at university

Tom           to the supermarket twice a week

They        in a big house

They        what to say

Cristina                  flamenco

_____ Mary believe in God?

_____ you belive in God?

_______ Martha play football everyday?

_____ she want to eat?

_____ he play football?

_______ you like vegetables?

Laura           to work

The shops _______ at 9:30 and ______ at 21:30 o'clock

Your German is good. You ________ very well

John______ very hard.

I______ football.

Xue always ______ to work early

He ________ the piano

Xatoy_____ five languages

Jordi usually _______ football on Sundays

My car _________ use much petrol

_____ you like classical music?

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