Present Perfect vs Past Simple 3


Welcome to your Present Perfect vs Past Simple 3 quiz.

You need to choose between the Present Perfect and the Past Simple to complete the following sentences.

Good luck!

__ a cheap laptop? (you ever buy)

My mother loves this author. She __ all of his books. (read)

He __ a new car in 2017. (buy)

Peter __ volleyball yesterday. (play)

Suzy __ her motorbike since the accident. (not ride)

__ an Englihs test yesterday? (take)

I __ sushi in my life. (never/eat)

Last year we __ to Germany. (go)

__ to India? (she/ever/be)

We __ a concert when we went to Paris. (see)

The students __ their lunch yet. (not make)

I __ an e-mail from them some days ago. (get)

Nathan and Ethan __ the book. Now they can watch the film. (read)

Sue __ the flu last Christmas. (have)

She __ yet. She went to sleep really late last night. (not wake up)

A few days ago, we __ to his uncle’s city. (drive)

Last month my pet rabbit __ away. (run)

__ well last night? (Rob sleep)

__ clothes on-line? (ever/buy)

We __ a lot of work last Sunday. (do)

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