Present Perfect vs Past Simple 1


Hello students!

Welcome to your Present Perfect vs Past Simple 1 quiz!

Please, complete the sentences using the Present Perfect.

Good luck!

Susan ___ Japanese, but she can communicate. (not master)

She  ___ that skirt many times. (wear)

It  ___ like that. (never snow)

He ___ his friends. (already invite)

The cat ___ a mouse. (just catch)

My family  ___ Brazil a few times. (visit)

Marta  ___ her homework yet. (finish)

Bill ___. (still not arrive)

You ___ the glass again. (break)

The rain ___. (not stop)

Julia ___ a table with three columns. (just make)

How much money ___ so far? (you spend)

They  ___ for everything. (pay)

I  ___ Anna once. (meet)

Jack and Brian ___ this picture. (just draw)

You ___ 4 cars so far. (buy)

We ___ the worksheets. (already download)

Why ___ on strike again? (the nurses go)

There ___ problems. (be)

The kids ___ so much! (grow)

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