Past Simple


Welcome to your Past Simple

Martha ________ (stop) the car to take a picture

Last week we ______ (walk) to the cinema

I _________ (study) for the exam for three hours.

Add description here!

She _________ (study) for the exam for three hours.

Laura and Caroline _____ (be) happy to be home.

Adam _______ (be) disappointed she ___________ (miss) the party.

When I was young, we always ______(go) to Rome for the summer.

Daniel ______________ (not/work) last month.

_____ you ______ (wash) the dishes?

We _________ (met) them at the cinema.

_______ you _______ (find) your book?

Daniel _________ (visit) his mother last week.

Michael ________ (arrive) an hour ago.

John and I _________ (go) to Laura's birthday party yesterday.

I ________ (be) on holiday last week.

(you/dance)_________ at the party last night?

Elige la opción correcta para completar el espacio construyendo una pregunta:

(she/ do) _______ her homework?

(Robert/work) _______ at the post office?

(they/help) ________ you with the washing-up?

I phoned Jane last night

Escoge la opción correcta para que la oración sea negativa:

Martha became an actress.

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