Past Perfect vs Past Simple


Welcome to your Past Perfect vs Past Simple quiz.

In this activity, you have to complete the sentences with the Past Simple.

Good luck!

We really ___ the game last Sunday. (enjoy)

Your new question!

___ the golf competition? (Marco win)

The children ___ at home last weekend. (not be)

___ to England by plane? (Susan go)

They ___ very well yesterday. They lost the match. (not play)

My mother ___ into the van. (not crash)

How many goals ___ in the first half? (your team score)

Sandra ___ to go rowing with me. (not want)

___ to the swimming pool yesterday? (they go)

Jenny and Peggy ___ their brother. (not help)

What  ___? (you eat)

When ___ this wonderful skirt? (you design)

I ___ a new baseball cap last week. (buy)

James ___ his car in front of the sports shops. (stop)

___  your aunt last week? (you phone)

I ___ my maths homework yesterday. (do)

What ___? (they want)

The boys ___ the mudguards of their bicycles. (take off)

Who ___ yesterday? (Bob see)

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