Past Perfect vs Past Simple 2


Welcome to your Past Perfect vs Past Simple 2 quiz.

Please, complete the sentences using the Past Simple.

Good luck!

When ___ this wonderful skirt? (you design)

I ___ a new baseball cap last week. (buy)

James ___ his car in front of the sports shops. (stop)

___  your aunt last week? (you phone)

I ___ my maths homework yesterday. (do)

What ___? (they want)

The boys ___ the mudguards of their bicycles. (take off)

Who ___ yesterday? (Bob see)

What time ___ ? (Harry arrive)

Mammoths ___ big animals, bigger than elephants. (be)

I ___ any lions. (not see)

They ___ in Boston. (be)

What time ___? (the meeting end)

Mammoths ___ 100 years ago. (not live)

What ___ ? (he buy)

Why ___ home early? (Pat go)

I ___ by credit card. (not pay)

He ___ happy. (be)

What ___  for dinner? (they have)

Paula ___ well. (sing)

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