Past Perfect vs Past Simple 1


Welcome to your Past Perfect vs Past Simple 1 quiz.

Complete all the sentences with the PAST PERFECT.

Good luck!

You ___ English before you moved to New York (not study)

I ___ such a beautiful beach before I went to Italy (never see))

Tony knew Istanbul very well because he ___ the city several times (visit)

She only understood the movie because she ___ the book (read)

We were not able to get a hotel room because we ___ in advance (book)

___ to the Canada before 2019? (ever be)

George ___ many cars before he received his mechanic's license. (repair)

The usher asked if we ___ our tickets. (buy)

I did not have any cash because I ___ my purse. (just lose)

I looked in the letter box yesterday and the letter ___ (not yet arrive)

___ breakfast when you got up? (James had)

Mary wasn't at home when I arrived. Where ___? (she go)

___ to the program before I came? (you come)

He ___ the song before he sang it in the program. (not practice)

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