Modal verbs


Welcome to your Modal verbs quiz.

In this activity, you need to complete the sentences with the most appropiate modal verb.

In some cases, there is more than one option, but just choose one of them.

Good luck with it!

I'm sure he is here. I can see his car in front of the building. He ___ be here. 

I'm sure she doesn't speak French very well. She's only lived in Paris for a few weeks. She ___ speak French very well. 

I'm not sure where I will go for my holidays, but I ___ go to Italy.

Smoking is very unhealthy. You ___ give it up.

They're coming this week but I don't know which day. They ___ be coming tomorrow. 

I'm not sure I'm going to pass the exam. I don't feel very confident. I ___ pass the exam. 

She ___ ride her bike at night without lights. It's not allowed.

My key isn't in my pocket or on my desk, so I'm sure it's in the drawer. It ___ be in the drawer. 

You ___ vacuum the carpets because Carol has already done it.

Someone told me that Mark was in Mexico but I saw him yesterday at his house. Mark ___ be abroad. 

He ___come to my party because he is ill.

It's later than I thought. I ___ go now.

You got the job? That's great. I'm sure you're delighted. You ___ be delighted. 

I asked them to send the goods as soon as possible; we ___ receive them by the end of the week if the post is fast. 

You ___ be tired because you have worked very hard.

I don't know what I'm doing this weekend, but I ___ go to London.

You have got plenty of time. You ___ hurry.

Mum says we ___ watch TV after we've finished our homework.

You ___ pick me up at the station. I can get a taxi.

This is impossible, it ___ be a mistake!

___ I use your pen please ?

You ___ write 30 sentences for homework.

You ___ write 300 sentences ! 30 will be enough.

She ___ play the piano well.

Please excuse me, but I ___ go now.

I ___ watch TV tonight. I haven't decided yet.

You ___ see that film. It's great.

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